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We offer all-inclusive web packages!

Our all inclusive package offers website design, domain names, hosting, site  submission, self administered or maintained by us!

Why a website?

Internet is growing at a exorbitant rate while other media is declining rapidly (see chart further down). The competition for local services can be greatly reduced using the Internet as your advertising source.  Below is a few reasons why the Internet is becoming the best source for local businesses.

Trends in advertising and where people are going for their information

Better value and readership on internet

Better value and readership on internet


  • 24/7 advertising of all your services, not just what you have room for in a costly advertisement
  • The Internet has replaced newspapers 5 fold and is becoming closer to equaling TV
  • Search capabilities to find you in your local area
  • Professionalism to show your work and why a prospective client should choose you
  • Affordable and in most cases a fraction of the cost for other media


  • Only 23% of prospective clients get a  local newspaper, overall less than 1% of the population may ever read your ad
  • Classified ads can cost 1.5 to 10 times more than Internet (how much did you spend last year?)
  • When a client needs your service, is it when the are reading the paper?
Compare newspaper vs Internet

Compare for Yourself

Yellow Pages

  • Yes every business should be listed here but;
  • Do you want your prospective clients looking through all your competitors ads?
  • Do these ads enable you to tell all that you do?
  • Are they able to show your performance or successes?
  • Wouldn’t just a link address do more to show your professionalism and save you money?

Thinking about a website?

A website needs to be user-friendly, inviting, easy to navigate and attractively designed. Many frills and flash are irritating, and can leave the viewer frustrated waiting for them to load, hanging their computer or worse yet not having the software to view the website at all.

As a web designer, I create affordable, professional web designs that will promote your organization with style, professionalism and are highly user-friendly. The goal is to promote your organization in a professional manner that is convenient and desirable to the end-user.


As you contemplate a website, you will find many options and other web design companies that charge excessive fees, make unclear promises or claim easy do it yourself websites. We provide all inclusive affordable pricing to get you noticed on the world wide web. With your help I will register your domain name, design your site, optimize for performance and recognition and even host it, taking all the worries away. All you do is provide the content of each page in the templates we provide.

Client Portfolio

Visit our clients page to see some of the websites DataHelps has created since 1996. Then contact me and we can discuss the possibilities for your own website. Having your own small business web site is so much easier and less expensive than you might think.

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