Watch for Scams

My company does business personally with our established clients, we do not have a payment method over the internet. If you are ever scammed by someone claiming to be our company I would advise contacting your local police fraud department.

Other scams you need to watch for; (Know who you do business with and thier means of contact)

  1. Never reply to a payment notice email or an email link, always go to your contact website to see due dates or make payments for any payments you may think are due.
  2. Domain name scammers use postal and email services to say your domain is coming due and to send them money. Make sure you know your domain name registrar and I advise any domain name alterations be made directly through the registrars website.
  3. Companies claiming to offer listings, SEO services and other services to boost your web presence are usually just scams.
  4. Never respond to a threat, unless you have a written contract with someone ignore demands for payment.
  5. If using images from the internet, make sure they are not copyright, if they do claim to be free to use images document from where you got them. The big photo companies load the web with their images, many to sites that claim they are free. They then send you an invoice claiming copyright infringement. Just document where you got the image and I would never agree to pay a ridiculous  amount to these companies. If this does happen to you remove the image, ask them to provide proof in writing that it is their image and inquire why it is on a free image site.